‘‘ Structural Innovation & Manufacturing Excellence ‘‘

Who we are ?

GMMC is part of GMC (GLOBAL MINING C0.LLC) and was established in 2018 , GMMC is located in salalah and it is believed to be one and only one Artificial Marble, Onyx Marble manufacturing Company in Sultanate of Oman . Our machineries are with latest technology and it is matching with the International Standard. We have latest GRINDING MACHINE for producing Calcium Carbonate powder. Since the trends are changing to Artifi cial, we started manufacturing Artificial Marble, ONYX marble which will be tomorrow’s dominant player in the segment.


Our Products

Artificial Marble GOLDEN MARBLE

It is types of marble, which is produced industrially according to modern technologies tailored to the specifications of high quality to meet the need of the market through a variety of colors and wide collections. We also can customize your requirements to any size and colors.

ONYX marble

Onyx marble Or ‘Magic Onyx’ which has high industrial flexibility to provide the customer with all dimensions required for interior decoration purposes. It is used as an ornamental stone that provides a sleek, glamorous, sophisticated element and modern look to any place.

Calcium Carbonate powder

Caco3 powder ( calcium carbonate powder can be produced from 2 microns to 32 microns and above ) in our grinding machines. We use our own limestone as raw material from our own quarries which is located in salalah. Our CACO3 powder can be supplied to various industries like paints, plastic, oil, rubber, cement, glass, steel, oil refining, paper, sealant, building road

Why all countries and companies in the world head for artificial marble?

The artifi cial marble is a modern opening to develop the marble industry and its uses in modern architecture.