Mission & Vision


Our vision is to achieve a developmental step that contributes to urban innovation and represents a qualitative leap forward for the growth of the Omani economy and its spread in the Gulf and international market. In addition to attaining the prestigious position and the full satisfaction of our customers through the gathering of international experts of our administrative, technical and professional staff.


The objectives of the company may be summarized from the company’s strategic plan as follows:

  1. Attract business through strong follow-up of administrative, technical and marketing development.
  2. Cooperate with all parties inside and outside the Sultanate and with a multi-faceted dynamic to facilitate marketing and sales.
  3. Support marketing and selling outlets in the targeting areas.
  4. Supporting the urban development process in the Sultanate to worth a brand commercial name that has ISO certificates and government certificates proving the leadership of the Global Mining Company (the commercial group to which the Global Marble Manufacturing Company belongs).