Quality Policy

Global Marble Manufacturing Co.L.L.C (GMMC) Specialized in manufacturing the artificial marble slabs and committed by satisfying the customers locally and externally by granted their desired through presenting a high-quality product with competitor price to do so, we committed to:
  • Specify the customer’s needs and conclude their expectation.
  • Assessment of the suppliers to ensure the quality of raw.
  • Develop the performance of our staff and increase their effectiveness at work
  • Develop and improve our production lines to raise the technical performance of our factory by fixed checking point in all production stages starting of receiving the raw materials until to customers Delivery:
  • Frist checking point (Receiving raw materials): under inspection from quality department and checking all documents related to the materials after that follow the storage instructions.
  • Second checking point (Confirm the machines is ready for starting the production)
  • Third checking point (Checking the block of marble after dry to confirm free of damage)
  • Fourth checking point (block cutting to slabs)
  • Fifth checking point (Checking the slabs after the cutting Procedure, Grinding, Softening, polishing) to confirm the surface (Level , Smoothly , Glossy ).
  • Committing international and local quality standards on our product to reach to the maximum of the possible quality by Conduct physical properties test in third party (SGS). (see the TDS in the certificates page)